Best Bed Liner Paint for a Truck Bed

Best Bed Liner Paint for a Truck Bed

When you buy a pickup truck, everyone knows that regular maintenance is important. However, not as many people know the importance of preventative care for your vehicle. One of the things you can do to keep your truck, and especially your truck bed, in excellent condition over the years is to install or upgrade a bed liner. Many vehicles come standard with a liner in the truck bed, but it’s not always the best in terms of protection. Certain products, like bed liner paint and spray, can increase your durability, making the bed of your truck as tough as nails.

Once you decide to install one of these upgrades, the time comes to choose a liner. There are tons of different options you can consider, but it pays off to take your time and carefully choose the product that will work best for you. If you’re interested in a roll-on or spray-on paint bed liner, our list below should come in handy. We’ve narrowed down some of our top picks for truck bed coating. Take a look and figure out if any of them seem to be a great fit for your truck. You can also stick around to be read our buying guide, where we’ll get into more detail regarding the use of bed liners. Good luck, and feel free to contact Ultimate Rides if you need help from a team of custom truck professionals.

1. U-POL Raptor Black Urethane Truck Spray On Bed Liner Kit W/Free Spray Gun, 4 Quarts

The top choice when it comes to a truck bed coating is this spray kit from U-POL. Part of the Raptor series of products, this kit provides you with four quarts, totaling a gallon, of liner paint spray, along with a spray gun that you will use to apply this bed liner. With this liner applied, the bed of your truck will be resistant to rust, scratches and abrasions, and stains. It’s even waterproof, with rain, snow, and other liquids unable to penetrate the coating. The bed liner should be quite easy to install, and customers have left behind comments talking about how great a value this kit offers. You should be able to cover your full bed, and the spray makes the application process even easier. We’re confident you’ll have a good experience with this spray paint style liner for your truck.

2. Rust-Oleum 342669 Truck Bed Coating, 1 Gallon, Black

Another good choice to keep under consideration is this bed liner paint from Rust-Oleum. They’re another one of the best providers of good bed liner paint, and this one gallon bucket should allow you to easily outfit the back your truck with a quality liner. Just apply the paint, let it dry for a few hours, and your truck will have a notable upgrade. The textured non-skid coating will help stop cargo from sliding around while you drive, and it’ll also look very good when all is said and done. Give this liner a try in your truck today.

3. Herculiner HCL1B8 Brush-On Bed Liner Kit, Black, 1 Gal.

This Herciliner paint will work just as well as our first two recommendations. You apply this liner just like paint, rolling it out along the bed. Herculiner is one of the best options to buy these products from, and this liner kit is our go-to choice from the company. It comes with a brush, an abrasive pad, and more to help you get this truck bed coating applied easily and without stress. If you think your truck deserves the best, you simply can’t go wrong with this high-quality bed liner kit from Herculiner.

4. Dupli-Color BAQ2010 Bed Armor DIY Bed Liner – 1 Quart, Black

The next product on our list comes from Dupli-Color, another trustworthy source of bed liners. This bucket is just one quart, so you’ll likely need to buy more than one if you hope to cover your entire truck bed. It’s a water-based formula made with Dupont chemicals, with a low odor that shouldn’t bother you as long as you apply the liner outdoors. The texture of this liner isn’t too coarse, making it an option to consider if you want something less rugged and more smooth. Follow the included instructions and you should have no difficulty applying this liner to the rear of your pickup truck in just a short amount of time.

5. Tuff Coat UT-101 Black – 1 Gallon

The next item on our list isn’t made specifically to apply in the bed of a truck, but it does do a pretty fantastic job as a liner. It will provide you with a non-skid UV- and chemical-resistant layer, and the product is odorless. This long-lasting finish is actually available in a wide variety of different colors, as well, helping you inject a little bit of personality into your truck at the same time. It’s not one of the cheaper bed liners on our list, but it does distinguish itself in a few ways, and you certainly can’t go wrong by applying some as a liner for your truck.

6. SEM Rock-It XC Black Bed Liner Protective Coating Kit

Lastly, there’s one more liner we’d like to recommend you look into. It’s the priciest option on our list, but it also sports the best ratings from customers. It provides excellent gloss, texture, and durability, making it worth the extra cost for anyone who is looking for something that’s truly high-quality. This liner is resistant to chipping, fading, UV light, and so much more. It’s a spray product, easy to apply in just about any truck. By the time you’re finished getting this liner on your vehicle, you’ll be able to take your truck anywhere and feel good about the level of protection in the back.

Choosing a Tough Bed Liner

The bed liners shared on our list are, in our opinion, the best and most durable options that you can paint or spray on. When you’re shopping for a liner, always make sure to read reviews from more than one source. By doing so, you’ll be taking in multiple perspectives, hopefully including people that have actually purchased and used the liner. We know you care about your truck, and that’s why it should be no problem to spend some time looking for the toughest liner to protect it.

Bed Liner Types

In this guide, we’re covering bed liners that you spray and paint onto your truck. There are other options, however. The other primary kind of bed liner is pre-constructed, and has to be installed over the bed of your truck. Most trucks should already come with something like this installed, and the other bed liner types are utilized as an upgrade over this standard type. Additionally, you can opt to have a carpet or other types of materials installed in the back of your truck. This is quite different from a typical bed liner, but in some cases may be preferable, mostly depending on what you use the truck for.

Best Bed Liner Paint
If you care about keeping your truck bed in good shape, it’s important to choose a quality bed liner. Many trucks come with a bed liner already installed, but you can always make improvements. Otherwise, you should expect plenty of scratches, scrapes, and rust to accumulate as the years go by.

Other Protective Coating Products

You may have noticed that one of the items on our list was not actually designed for specific use as a liner for a truck. That said, it is still an excellent option to consider, and there are other products out there like it. Before you buy anything like that, make sure to do some independent research to ensure you can safely use it on your truck. We’d also compare it to other bed liners to make sure you’re choosing the best option available to you.

Applying a Liner to Your Truck Bed

When preparing to install a bed liner, make sure to carefully follow the included directions. No two products are exactly the same, so you can’t just rely on past knowledge to make sure you’re applying the product correctly. Comb through the instructions, and you may even want to check out extra advice online for the product. If you don’t do these things, there’s a chance that you won’t experience the best possible results for your truck. Any reliable truck bed coating spray will have the information you need readily available.

Bed Liner vs. Bed Mat

By now, you should be pretty well aware of what a bed liner is and how it works. Now it’s time to learn about an alternative: a bed mat. Instead of installing a permanent upgrade in the back of your truck, you can purchase a mat that you install. It will stay in place, provide protection and a non-slip layer to the bed. If you have a plastic bed that you’d like to keep intact, a mat could be the right option for you. Keep an eye out for some of the best bed mats around and it’s very possible you might find one that you’d prefer over a liner.