Best Seat Covers for Dog Hair | Top Dog Seat Covers

Best Seat Covers for Dog Hair | Top Dog Seat Covers

What dog owner doesn’t love bringing their pet along for a ride? It can be a joy for both humans and our furry compatriots, but once the fun is over, you’re often left with some intensive clean-up, or possibly even irreversible damage to your interior. That is, unless you protect your vehicle ahead of time. That’s why we recommend seat covers for our readers. If you love your dog, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the quality of your vehicle. When you cover your seats up with the right accessory, you’ll keep everything in top shape while also making sure your dog is well taken care of.

With countless different seat cover options for consumers to choose between, how do you figure out which is best for you and your vehicle? There are a few important factors that come into play, including durability, how easy it is to keep clean, and how effective it will be at protecting your seats. Below, we’ve come up with a list featuring our favorite seat cover products. Take a look and determine if any of the options below are good for you and your dog. After our list, make sure to read through our buying guide. There we’ll tell you what to keep an eye out for if you want the best dog seat cover available today.

1. URPOWER Dog Hammock Seat Cover

Our favorite dog seat cover comes from URPOWER, and it’s their hammock-style cover made from 600D heavy-duty fabric. These seat covers last a very long time, and they’ll help keep your dog relaxed in the back of a truck, SUV, or car. They’re a piece of cake to install, and easy as can be to wipe down, whether you’re clearing off fur, dirt, or some kind of spill. There’s a storage pocket that’s great to stow away toys or accessories like a leash. Additionally, you’ll find multiple color variants to choose from, all at a fair price. We love this seat cover, and we think your dog will too.

2. YJGF Back Seat Extender for Dogs

Another top choice to keep in mind is this seat cover and extender for your dog. Just set it up in your back seat and your dog will have a nice, flat surface to rest on, and at the same time it will protect your seats from damage and dog hair. It may be a little bit more expensive than some of the other covers on our list, but it’s well worth every penny. These seat covers are great for long trips, and will even allow you to set up a dog bed to keep your pet comfortable wherever you go.

3. VIEWPETS Bench Seat Protector for Dog Hair

Looking for a standard cover for a bench seat? This is the seat cover we’d recommend first. It’s made from a durable fabric that will stand up to your dog, protecting against fallen hairs, scratching, and plenty more. It fits around your seat belt, and it’s another cover that should be very easy to install. Dogs should find it plenty comfortable, and it will make sure your interior stays in great shape even with many trips around with your dog, no matter if it’s far away or close to home.

4. Motor Trend SpillGuard Waterproof Seat Cover

The next seat cover on our list is once again for bench seats, but this time comes with a different type of fabric to consider. The cover is very affordable, and though it wasn’t designed for dogs specifically, it will do a fine job protecting your interior. You’ll have a few color choices to select from, and once your cover arrives you should have no trouble installing it in your vehicle. The seat cover is made from neoprene, making it waterproof and able to fit on just about any bench seat without a problem. It may not hold up as well as some more expensive covers, but it will do perfectly fine for pet owners on a budget.

5. Yuntec Dog Seat Cover, Back Seat

This next option is once again made specifically for dogs, and the cover simply drapes over your back seat, making the install easy as can be. While it doesn’t provide as much coverage as some of the other seat covers we’ve shared, it’s another option available for a low price, making it something that some dog owners may want to consider. Additionally, the cover comes with a leash that you can strap into your vehicle’s seat belt buckle, helping keep your dog restrained in the back seat without making them restless or uncomfortable.

6. Lassie Dog Car Seat Covers for Back Seat, Hammock Style

If you like the top option on our list but want to try a different color scheme, we encourage you to look at this cover. It’s got the same hammock setup, making it perfect for most dogs. It’s also silver, which may be a better match for some interiors compared to the standard black options. While this isn’t made from the same company as our top seat cover, it will still do an excellent job defending your interior from a dog, because even the best dog makes a mess from time to time.

7. AsFrost Front Seat Dog Cover

Need a pair of seat covers for your front seat? This set should do. You’ll be able to protect both front seats from hair and so much more. Like most of the other options on our list, each seat cover presented here should be very easy to install. They’re also quite comfortable for the driver and front passenger, and will be there when your dog decides they’d like to sit up in the front seat next to you.

8. BOCHAO Dog Car Bed for Large Dogs

Finally, we’ve included a dog bed that can easily fit in your back seat, giving your dog somewhere comfortable to lay down while you’re on the move together. The dog bed is constructed almost like a suitcase, attaching to your seat to provide a stable space for your dog to relax. Take a look and decide if this is the right kind of accessory for you and your dog.

Seat Covers for a Dog – Buying Guide

Buying accessories for a vehicle, or even your dog, isn’t always easy. There are more products readily available to purchase than at any point in history, and that means it’s up to you to comb through everything until you find the right match. Our guide is meant to help ease that struggle. We’ve shared some of our top choices with you, able to cover your seats and protect against dog hair no matter what size or type of dog you have. While it’s easy enough to pick a seat cover for your dog from our list, it becomes a little bit harder when you’re out there shopping outside of our recommendations. The rest of this guide should help you choose the right seat cover, whether you’re looking for a front seat or back seat, no matter what style you need.

A Dog Seat Cover with Durability and High-Quality Material

No matter what kind of accessory or item you’re looking for, durability and longevity are going to be key. This is all the more true if you’re spending more than a few bucks on something. That’s why it’s important to carefully consider any seat cover before buying. Will it last a considerable amount of time even while your dog scratches and claws the cover? It’s important that it does. Read through reviews for any seat cover, from both customers and professionals. You’ll also want to find out as much info as possible, including the material that the cover is made out of. In addition to collecting hair from your dog, the seat cover should protect against a wide range of possible hazards to your interior, so it’s very important you don’t skip over this part while shopping.

Best Seat Covers for Dog Hair

Comfort and Safety for Your Dog

In addition to durability, you want to make sure your dog has the right level of safety and comfort with your chosen seat cover. That’s why the hammock-style options are so great. They’ll ensure your dog has plenty of room in the back, and most options will make it hard or impossible for your dog to climb up to the front seat. There are options that include plenty of padding for your dog as well, hopefully keeping them calm during the ride. While it’s important for your seat cover to protect against fur, it’s even more important that you dog is safe while you’re on the road, and keeping them confined to the back seat is often a great way to help make that happen.

Cleaning and Installing Seat Covers

One last element to consider for your next seat cover is how easy it is to take care of. Ideally it should only take a few minutes to install one of these seat covers for dogs. They usually attach to seat anchors, where the seat belt comes out, or sometimes to head rest anchors. Additionally, it should be easy to clean off seat covers, getting rid of dog hair and fur as well as other messes such as spills and stains. Some seat covers will be machine washable while others need to be cleaned by hand, but either way it shouldn’t be too hard to keep them looking great. Once again, it can be very helpful to look at seat cover reviews so you know what to expect before you buy.