Buyers Guide: Stubby Antenna for F150

Stubby Antenna for F150
Stubby Antenna for F150

What Makes A Great Stubby Antenna for F150

Do you want to customize your Ford F150 truck to your satisfaction? If so, then there are a large number of ways you can do so. This is because modern vehicles offer drivers plenty of customization options. You can add modifications that range from truck bed covers, mud flaps, and enhanced bumpers. However, if you love music then there is one option above all else. If you want to enhance your Ford truck, you need to find a cool Stubby Antenna for F150.

Modifying the antenna on your truck may seem minor, but it can actually be incredibly cool. This is because finding the right kind of antenna can enhance the presentation of your Ford F150 truck. Plus, you can also add some durability to your antenna by shortening its length. Longer antennas are more prone to breaking from wind or other random situations. So if you get a shorter antenna you can benefit from enhanced style and durability. Plus your Ford will look really cool when you have a bullet antenna. Check out our list of some awesome Stubby Antenna for F150. Now, without any further ado, let us get down on our list!

Stubby Antenna for F150 overview:

1. CravenSpeed Compatible Bullet Style Stubby Antenna

The CravenSpeed Compatible Bullet Style Stubby Antenna ranks first on our list of Stubby Antenna for F150 options. This antenna is the most expensive item on our list. This is because it is a stylish option that stands out amongst the crowd. The Bullet Style stubby antenna is built to fit any Ford F150 truck model. It is also designed to match the factor base snug. Thus, you can fit this antenna firmly onto the foundation for an attractive looking addition. You will not need any tools to set up this stubby antenna on your Ford F150. So you can install this antenna by hand in just a matter of moments and then you can hit the road.

The CravenSpeed Bullet Style antenna is machined out of billet aluminum and then it is anodized with a smooth and durable black finish. This means that the antenna will not fade, break, or chip away. The stainless hardware helps eliminate corrosion for better longevity. Plus, this antenna is able to provide reliable reception out on the open road! Drivers looking for premier style, durability, and reception will love this Stubby Antenna for F150!

CravenSpeed Compatible Bullet Style Stubby Antenna Replacement for the Ford F-150 1997-2018 | 5.4 Inches | Made in the USA

2. RONIN FACTORY Ford F150 Truck Stubby Antenna

The RONIN FACTORY Ford F150 Truck Short Antenna is second on our list of Stubby Antenna for Ford 150 options. Drivers that want a reliable and durable antenna will love this short truck antenna. This is a 4-inch long antenna that boasts a modern design. The sleek and short design helps it blend right into your Ford F150. The durable design makes this antenna safe to go through car washes. So you will not have to worry about your antenna during your everyday life.

An easy installation process removes the difficult parts of using the antenna. You can install this antenna by removing the original antenna and then screwing the new antenna on by hand. So that way you can spend less time working on your truck and more time driving your Ford F150. However, the best part of this antenna is a special feature. A tough thread locking compound is used to provide an anti-theft design. That way, you can deter people from trying to steal your new antenna. Drivers that crave a thoughtful design and a high-quality antenna will love this Stubby Antenna for F150.

RONIN FACTORY Ford F150 Raptor & Dodge RAM Truck Short Antenna – Anti-Theft Design – 4″ Long

3. KEYO1E 4.8” AM/FM Radio Stubby Antenna Short Compatible 09 to 2019 Ford F150

KEYO1E is a great brand for stubby and shorter antenna products. Why? Because this is their niche. They specifically make antennas and in particular, they make stubby little antennas. You can easily find the right antenna for your Ford F-150. Now, make sure this is a modern Ford F-150 truck. Specifically, ensure that it was produced between the years of 2009 and 2019. If so, then look no further for one of the best options on the market.

The reception performance of this particular antenna is ridiculous and we mean that as a compliment. There is no effect whatsoever on any other type of device. This includes GPS Navigation and even Bluetooth® technology. Not to mention that the injection design boasts extra strong, ABS material. The built-in chip is absolutely robust and incredibly durable. No more worrying about your antenna being too long!

KEYO1E 4.8” AM/FM Radio Stubby Antenna Short Compatible 09 to 2019 Ford F150

4. AntennaMastsRus 5″ Short Rubber Ford Stubby Antenna

The AntennaMastsRus 5″ Short Rubber Antenna comes in at fourth on our list of Stubby Antenna for F150 options. Drivers that are sick of tall and ugly antennas will love this option. Longer antennas can potentially bend or break over time due to various factors. Thus, the short design of this antenna helps you avoid a broken or bent antenna situation. You can enjoy using your Satellite Radio, Navigation options, and Bluetooth enhancements with this antenna. This is because it is designed for the modern world of radio.

It is much smaller than the standard antenna which provides some style for your Ford F150. The AntennaMastsRus 5″ Short Rubber Antenna is very easy to install. Drivers that want to avoid spending hours working on their Ford F150 truck will love this option. So if that sounds like what you want, check out this Stubby Antenna for F150.

AntennaMastsRus – 5″ SHORT Rubber Antenna works with Ford F-150 (2009-2018)

5. AntennaMastsRus Original 6 3/4 Inch Ford F-150 (2009-2020) Short Rubber Antenna (ASIN – B01MRER777)

Up next is the slightly larger counterpart to our previous product, also made by AntennaMastsRus. This antenna is extra strong, boasting 304 stainless steel threading, along with the fact that it is car wash proof. Engineered by German experts with high-strength American material, this is a perfect stubby antenna F150. It features excellent reception, and there’s even a promise from the manufacturer that if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can get your money back.

This antenna is incredibly easy to install, and features plenty of excellent reviews online. Not only will this antenna make sure your radio is working whenever possible, but it will allow you to give a little bit of your own sense of style to your truck. If you’re tired of your truck antenna waving in the wind and making all kinds of noise whenever you drive at high speeds, you need to invest in one of these little guys right away, and you can’t do much better than this.

AntennaMastsRus – The Original 6 3/4 Inch is Compatible with Ford F-150 (2009-2020) – Short Rubber Antenna

6. CravenSpeed 3.2 Inch Stubby Antenna Replacement for The Ford F-150 2009-2020 (ASIN – B0073WEZU4)

Next we have another stubby antenna from CravenSpeed, this time a little more subtle. If all you want is a basic but effective antenna, this is a great option for you. It’s short, measuring in at only 3.2 inches, and it was made in the good old United States of America. Installation is as easy as can be, and you’ll get fantastic reception with this antenna. It is our recommendation that you remove this antenna when you take your truck through the car wash, but other than that it should work perfectly fine no matter where you go.

This is a very affordable and effective antenna, and CravenSpeed undeniably makes awesome looking products. Whether you need a replacement antenna because something happened to your factory one, or you just want to replace it with something smaller, this should work great for you. Any time you buy an antenna, it is important that it provides excellent reception, otherwise what is the point? If you find yourself having issues with this CravenSpeed product, they’ll do everything they can to help you with your refund, which is more than many other businesses will admit.

CravenSpeed Stubby Antenna Replacement for The Ford F-150 2009-2020 | 3.2 Inches

7. Rydonair Seven Inch Rubber Antenna Compatible with Ford F150 2009-2019 (ASIN – B07MJKMGY4)

Last but not least, we have this seven inch stubby antenna for your F-150 truck. While this might be a little taller than what some buyers are looking for, if you need to be assured of your reception even in the more rural parts of the country, this option should do well for you. Sometimes a taller antenna is needed to get the full range of stations, and that’s where this antenna comes in. This product is covered in a premium rubber on the outside that make it weather-resistant and very strong. It only takes a few seconds to screw it onto your truck, and you’ll have excellent reception in no time.

This antenna works to both improve the aesthetic of your truck while also improving your AM/FM reception, and it has very strong customer reviews on Amazon. In other words, there’s no much to hate on when it comes to this product. Though it’s the last entry on our list, this is certainly a product that we feel confident endorsing.

Rydonair Antenna Compatible with Ford F150 2009-2019 | 7 inches Rubber Antenna Replacement | Designed for Optimized FM/AM Reception

Why Buy A Stubby Antenna?

For your Ford F-150, you probably have a normal-sized antenna. Now, that antenna is probably not super long and bothersome. But, it might just be. Even with normal antenna designs, there can be some issues when it comes to length. Think about your trips to the drive-through car wash. Sometimes, your antenna looks like it is about to snap. Well, here is where the stubby antenna comes in handy.

Simply put, the stubby antenna is a more compact version fo your longer antenna. In 2019, this is all of the rage. Consumers want to down-size almost everything. That way, they get great performance from a more compact item. The stubby antenna design is certainly no exception. Rather, it sticks to this rule. So go ahead and change the overall appearance of your truck with one, small addition!

Last Words On Stubby Antenna for F150

Drivers that want to customize and stylize their F150 should look into every single part of their Ford F150. This includes getting a new stubby antenna for your truck. But, it is important that you find an antenna with features that you like. Having a Ford F15o with other custom options will really make you think before buying an antenna style. Drivers that want durability need to buy an antenna built to last. If you prefer style then find an antenna that enhances the design of your Ford F150. Look back over our list of great Stubby Antenna for F150 options for extra help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Do I Install My New Stubby Antenna?

A: This is one of the easiest installation processes when it comes to upgrading your vehicle. But, we still recommend you check out the instructions before installment. Generally speaking, unscrew your old antenanna by hand. Yes, it is that easy. Then, screw on your new antenna. You are all done. Very little stress and very little work involved!

Q: What Is The Right Size?

A: Anything under 6 inches is fine. There are options right at 6 inches and plenty of options well below that number. Either way, you are guaranteed to get a stubby antenna along the way. We highly encourage you focus on the size more than anything else!

Q: Will Any Stubby Antenna Do The Trick?

A: No, it will not. You need a stubby antenna made specifically for your Ford F-150. If not, then it will not fit and will not look right either. You need to specifically find a shorter antenna made for your Ford F-150. Our best piece of advice is to stick to the buyers guide above. That way, you never stray away from the path towards the best results.