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How to earn Jeep Hard Badges...


How to earn Jeep Hard Badges

Many of our customers find us because of our huge selection of used Jeep Wranglers and Custom Jeeps. And they typically are the type who enjoy taking them off-road on challenging trails. Off-roading is more than just a fun hobby, it can also earn you physical badges to display on your Jeep!

How to earn Jeep Hard Badges

First, you need to sign up for and download the Jeep Badge of Honor app on iPhone or Android devices. This makes you part of a connected community of off-road enthusiasts and experts who love to take their Jeep Wranglers or other Jeeps onto the trail instead of the road.

To earn a hard badge from the Jeep Badge of Honor program, all you need to do is register your Jeep with the app and check-in at one of the trails part of the program. When you earn a badge, the app will prompt you to enter a mailing address for a real, physical badge to be sent to you for free!

After you get it, what you do with it is up to you. You can put it on your Jeep to display proudly or mount it somewhere in your house, like on a wall. There’s currently 44 trails that you can earn badges on just by doing one of your favorite hobbies — and Jeep is always looking to add more!

Badge of Honor Off-Road Trails near Joliet IL

Unfortunately, there’s currently no Jeep recognized trails in Illinois. However, there is four of them located in Indiana. If you’re planning a trip to the Badlands, then it might be worth heading down to Redbird State Recreation Area, where all four Indiana badges can be earned in one central location.

What can I do with the Badge of Honor App

Wondering what else the Badge of Honor app is good for? Well, repeatedly checking in will earn you more and more points, and let you rank up from a novice all the way to trail expert. Doing more within the community — like uploading trail pictures or commenting on other’s posts — will earn you points as well.

If you’re interested in looking at our stock of Jeep Wranglers, custom and otherwise, come on over to Ultimate Rides near Joliet, IL. If you have a question about anything in our inventory, feel free to give us a call!