The Best Level Kit For Silverado

Have you been thinking about getting a leveling kit for your Chevrolet Silverado? If so, then you know this is no small task. Finding a leveling kit that will explicitly fit your Silverado is hard in and of itself. However, you will then need to find one of the very best leveling kit options available as well. This can be tricky and that is why we have put together a list of the Best Level Kit For Silverado!

Here at Ultimate Rides, we want to make your experience incredibly easy when buying all car related items. A leveling kit involves hardware to slightly raise the front of the vehicle so it matches the stock height in the back. A leveling kit is usually designed to provide a maximum lift of about 2 inches in the front. Therefore, you will have to specifically find the right size for a Silverado. Do not spend too much time looking at options online, use our list of the Best Level Kit For Silverado below!

1. Rough Country 1305 2.5-Inch Suspension Leveling Lift Kit – 

The Rough Country 1305 2.5-Inch Suspension Leveling Lift Kit is first on our list of the Best Level Kit For Silverado available for purchase. This leveling kit is built for Chevrolet Silverado models from the years of 2007 and 2018. So you can easily fit this onto your Chevy Silverado. That way, you can enjoy more time out on the open road and less time working on your truck!

The installation time for this product will last anywhere between 3 to 4 hours. Therefore, you can get this put on with relative ease compared to other car attachments. Also, the easy bolt-on installation does not require for a car mechanic to help you out. Instead, you can bolt this on for increased ground clearance. This will level out the front with the rear end of your Chevy Silverado! Check out one of these Best Level Kit For Silverado for more.

Rough Country 1305 2.5″ Suspension Leveling Lift Kit (Factory Cast Steel Control Arm Models)

2. MotoFab Lifts CH-3F-1R Front and Rear Leveling Lift Kit For 2007-2018 Silverado

The MotoFab Lifts CH-3F-1R Front and Rear Leveling Lift Kit For 2007-2018 Silverado is the second choice on our list of the Best Level Kit For Silverado. As the name mentions, this leveling kit is best for Chevy Silverado models from 2007 to 2018. Therefore, this range will surely fit most Chevy Silverado truck models. This leveling kit will raise your truck 3” in the front and 1” in the rear. As a result, you can replace the factory rear block for enhanced style.

The Motofab Lifts are CNC machined out of high-end material and qualities. The billet aluminum is powder coated black so that it will match the color of a factory suspension. You can install this is less than 1 and a half hours and it does not require any strut or coil disassembly. Therefore, you can enjoy a hassle-free installation process! This is one of the Best Level Kit For Silverado available for purchase!

MotoFab Lifts CH-3F-1R 3″ Front and 1″ Rear Leveling lift kit for 2007-2018 Chevy Silverado Sierra GMC

3. YITAMOTOR 2″ Leveling Lift Kit for Silverado 1500 2007-2018 (B072L7WL5Q)

Number three on our list is this two-inch leveling kit that comes to us courtesy of manufacturer YITAMOTOR. If you’re currently dealing with uneven suspension on your Silverado truck and need a way to raise the front end up by a couple of inches, this is the way to do it. This product is made from 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum billet, meaning you know it is strong as can be. It is resistant to corrosion, and is as strong as steel but even lighter. Installation is simple and easy, even for those who do not consider themselves to be truck experts. This leveling kit also features a two-year warranty, and YITAMOTOR has very friendly and helpful customer service representatives. Don’t let uneven suspension become something you just have to live with. Instead, fix the problem with this awesome leveling kit.

YITAMOTOR Leveling Lift Kit 2″ for Silverado/Sierra, Forged Front Strut Spacers Compatible for 2007-2018 Chevy Silverado 1500, GMC Sierra 1500 2WD 4WD

4. Rough Country 1307 2-Inch Front End Leveling Kit 

The Rough Country 1307 2-Inch Front End Leveling Kit is last but certainly not least on our list of the Best Level Kit For Silverado. This is a great lower strut mount extension and hardware set. It will fit Chevy Silverado models produced between the years of 2007 and 2018. So if you have a Chevrolet Silverado truck from this span of years, you will love this leveling kit. 

This product has an installation time that will last anywhere between 3 to 5 hours. Therefore, you may want some expert installation with this product. That way, you can guarantee the very best results for you and your truck! The simple bolt-on installation process is not complex but will take some time. So if you do not have the patience for this type of work, reach out to an auto shop for some help! However, you will definitely get good value with one of these Best Level Kit For Silverado.

Rough Country (1307) 2″ Front End Leveling Kit

5. MotoFab Lifts 3″ Front 2″ Rear Leveling Lift Kit 2007-2019 (B0156T83UI)

Another leveling kit from MotoFab, this time we bring you a kit with three inches of lift in the front and two in the back, evening out your suspension while also providing a modest lift to your ride. Unlike some other leveling lift kits you will find out there, you won’t have to disassemble your truck’s strut/coil to get this installed, making it very easy to install. This kit was made in the United States, and features a lifetime warranty, so you know you can trust the quality! All it takes is a look at the photos posted by customers in the reviews section to see how much this kit can improve the look of your truck. This is a popular choice with consumers, and though it isn’t at the top of our list, it is high among our recommended kits.

MotoFab Lifts CH-3F-2R 3 in Front and 2 in Rear Leveling lift kit that is compatible with 2007-2018 Chevy Silverado Sierra GMC

6. Dynofit 3″ Front Leveling Lift Kits for Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2WD/4WD 2007-2019 (B078RLD85G)

Dealing with a sagging front suspension and hate what it has done to the look of your truck? We’ve got just the thing to help. These three-inch strut spacers will help get your Silverado back into the shape it needs to be in. Strut spacers are easy to install, with no crazy workload. They are also incredibly strong, made from durable high-quality material that will last you a very long time. Dynofit offers those who purchase their products a two year warranty, so you’ll have plenty of time to make sure everything is in good working order. We think this kit is going to be a great help to those with severely uneven suspension, so go ahead and give it a try today!

3″ Front Leveling Lift Kits for Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2WD/4WD 2007-2019, GMC Sierra 2WD/4WD 2007-2019, Dynofit 3 Inch Front Strut Spacer Suspension Lift Kits Lift Spacers

The Benefits Of Buying A Chevy Silverado Level Kit

Simply put, leveling kits even out the design of a truck. Usually, the stock design involves a truck being higher in the backend. Therefore, the level kit evens out the front end with the back. Plus, you can add spacers to the rear for even more tire room. This is the best way to slightly upgrade the tire size. Not to mention that installing a level kit is so much easier than ever before.

Leveling kits offer some distinct advantages over lifting kits. First and foremost, they are much cheaper than their lift kit counterparts. Therefore, you save yourself some money along the way. Furthermore, they are so much easier to install. So why not enjoy the best of both worlds with a new level kit for your Chevrolet Silverado truck? We have already given you the blueprint with all the best options and more!

What You Need to Remember When Shopping for Silverado Leveling Kits

It is important to remember that not all leveling kits were made equal. You have to pay close attention to what trims and model years a lift kit is compatible with to make sure you do not buy something you can’t use. For example, if you have a 2002 Silverado 1500 Crew Cab, you need to make sure that you get a lift kit that will fit on your vehicle. That information should be easily available in the description of the product, or if you are shopping in person or over the phone whoever you are speaking to should be able to help.

Something else you need to be aware of when shopping for lift kits is whether or not you want a standard leveling kit, meant only to even out suspension, an uneven lift kit, meant to lift and even out suspension, or strictly a lift kit, an even suspension lift. If your suspension is uneven, you are going to want to measure out the difference to see how much of a lift you’ll need. There are front and rear leveling kits available, along with combination kits.

Lastly, one of the most important things to remember when you install a lift or leveling kit is that you should always bring your truck in for an alignment afterwards. Installation of a lift kit can affect the steering system and alignment of wheels, so you always want to do this before driving the truck around regularly.

Leveling Kit Installation Tips

Installing a leveling kit is usually fairly simple even for beginners, but if this is your first time working on a truck on this level, we recommend making sure you’re fully prepared before attempting this undertaking. The exact tools you will need may vary from kit to kit, but you will undoubtedly need a socket and wrench set. We recommend checking out comments, reviews or forums online regarding the kit you buy, if the information is not available in the product description.

We’d also like to let you know that Ultimate Rides offers lift and leveling kit installations for those who aren’t sure they can accomplish it. We promise that it is a job you likely can do at home, especially for most 1-2″ leveling kits, but we don’t want installation to discourage anyone from having a lift kit installed. We have a vehicle center that offers all kinds of maintenance, repairs and modification services. If you need something done on your vehicle, give us a call today for help!

Closing Words On Best Level Kit For Silverado

If you want to get one of the very Best Level Kit For Silverado, then you need to use our list to find one of the best products available. We have done all of the hard work involved in finding a great leveling kit. We sifted through reviews, products, and so much more. Also, our dealership here at Ultimate Rides Lifted Truck Shop In Illinois has all of the great information on lift kits and more.

Our experience with the lift kit installation process will guarantee you great results. That way, you can get a high-quality leveling kit with a high-quality installation process. If you are someone that wants a lift of a certain height, check out our article on Finding the Right 4 Inch Lift Kit for Chevy Silverado 1500. Look back over our list of the Best Level Kit For Silverado for extra help if you need it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Do Install The Level Kit?

A: Not all level kits are necessarily the same. Seek out help if you are not mechanically inclined. You do not want to make a mistake along the way. If you are knowledgable, then look to instructions online. There is plenty of help and assistance available!

Q: What Is The Difference Between A Leveling & Lift Kit?

A: As discussed before, the main difference comes with how they raise the truck. On one hand, lift kits are made to lift up the truck overall. Lift kits are best for big tires and big wheels. You need to clear the distance between your truck and the wheel. Thus, you put a lift kit onto the truck. On the other hand, level kits simply balance out the truck.

Q: What Other Additions Do You Recommend After The Leveling Kit?

A: Get some side steps or nerf bars. Any truck that is higher off the ground means it is harder to access. Give yourself and others assistance. After all, it will soon become the ire of yourself and all other passengers. No one wants to work hard to get in and out of their truck. So add something on the side for assistance. Likewise, add some bigger tires or wheels!

Q: Will A Leveling Kit Allow Me To Install Larger Tires?

A: Not unless you get a combination lift/leveling kit. In most cases, leveling kits are simply meant to even out your suspension, and won’t provide a large enough lift to allow you to put larger tires on your truck. However, there are combination lift and leveling kits available, including on this very list. These will let you outfit your truck with larger tires in addition to fixing your suspension.

Q: Will Installing a Lift or Leveling Kit Void My Warranty?

It will not, unless there is damage to your vehicle that was caused by the lift kit equipment or installation. Basically, as long as you install everything correctly and nothing catastrophic happens, you should be good to go. If you have any further questions or doubts, contact the holder of your warranty to confirm.