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How Much Does It Cost to Lift a Jeep?

How Much Does It Cost to Lift a Jeep at Ultimate Rides

Our aim is to provide customers with reasonable prices for excellent work, and that very much includes our work on Jeeps. We consider the Jeep Wrangler one of our main specialties here at Ultimate Rides, and our crew can never get enough of working on these awesome vehicles. It’s impossible to give a blanket statement answer for the question of how much does it cost to lift a Jeep, since there are so many options and variables at play. It all depends on your make and model year, and how high you’d like to go. A 3.5 inch lift kit on a 2014 Wrangler Unlimited, for example, would cost $1100. For more information, or for specific pricing for your vehicle, give our office a call and we can dig into the details with you.

The price of how much does it cost to lift a Jeep also obviously depends on the amount of work you’d like to get done. In addition to installing lift kits, we do a variety of other modifications and installations, like light bars, custom rims and tires and much more. We also offer a full range of repair and maintenance services in addition to our customization work, meaning we can be your one-stop shop to ensure your truck is always in great shape. Located just about an hour south of the great city of Chicago, we consider ourselves the finest custom Jeep, SUV and truck shop in the Midwest. Don’t believe us? Come take a look at our inventory of excellent vehicles and our long history of satisfied customers!

Whether you go for a big and bold lift kit or something smaller and more subtle like the one on this 1999 Jeep Cherokee, you’ll feel the difference right away.

The Many Benefits of Lifting Your Jeep

Anyone out on the road has likely noticed an uptick in the popularity of lift kits in recent years. The general public is finally starting to catch on to a secret we’ve known about for a very long time: there’s nothing quite like driving around in a lifted Jeep. While we’ve already told you how to find out how much does it cost to lift a Jeep, there’s still a lot to learn for those who are interested in getting their ride lifted for the first time. When you choose a lift, you’ll first want to decide between a leveling lift kit or a suspension lift kit. A leveling lift kit is more of a fix for uneven suspension in a vehicle, not meant to allow for larger rims or a higher ride. A suspension lift kit is what most people generally think of when they think of lifted vehicles, and it’s our bread and butter here at Ultimate Rides.

With a lifted Jeep, you’ll have a lot more room to work with for those drivers who take their rides off the confines of the paved road. No more scratches and dings on your undercarriage due to small rocks and debris. For most people, however, there are still some truly awesome benefits to having your vehicle lifted. For many, a higher vantage point over the road and the fact that you won’t have trucks towering over you on the highway makes driving far less of a stressful task, and others simply like the way it feels. No matter what your reasoning, you’re not alone as more and more Americans look into having their vehicles outfitted with lift kits.

how much does it cost to lift a jeep
How much does it cost to lift a Jeep? It all depends on what you’re looking for, so give us a call today to get a quote!

Visit Ultimate Rides and Get the VIP Treatment

When Ultimate Rides began more than a decade back, we wanted to change the face of the business by offering fantastic service and hard-to-find high-quality vehicles, and we wanted to do it without taking advantage of our customers. Today, we feel incredibly happy about how far we’ve come, all without sacrificing our integrity. We have always been a family business, and we want to treat each of our customers like a member of our family as well. When you bring your Jeep to us, it’ll always get treated with great care and thought. Whether you just need an oil change, or you want to know how much does it cost to lift a Jeep, we’re the ones who are here to help!

Over the years, we’ve amassed a pretty length list of excellent reviews from our customers, and we’re proud of the way we’ve served both our local community and other drivers from around the country. If you want next level care and customization from your mechanic, we urge you to give us a chance to prove ourselves to you. We offer incredibly reasonable prices for the kind of work you’ll want to rave to your friends and family about. All this, only at Ultimate Rides!

No matter what kind of Jeep you’re working with, we’ll be able to make it look as good as it ever has!

Still Wondering How Much Does It Cost to Lift a Jeep? Reach Out Today!

Whether you’re looking to bring a fresh perspective to your longtime vehicle, or you’re interested in taking a look at our inventory, we’re happy to sit down and talk with you. We offer a wide range of custom services and regular maintenance and repair, so we’ll be ready for whatever your vehicle has to throw at us. If you are currently looking to buy, you should know that our vehicles are all brought in from warmer climates like California and Texas to ensure as little wear and tear as possible, and each of our vehicles is completely free of rust.

If you’d like to ask some questions or get a quote today, give us a call at 815-634-3900. You are also welcome to stop in to our office and speak with us in person. We are located at 38 W. Division St. Coal City, IL 60416, just an hour south of Chicago. We’re open every day of the week to serve you, so feel free to stop by at your earliest convenience.