Quietest Tires for SUV | Finding Quiet Tires

Quietest Tires for SUV | Finding Quiet Tires

Are you tired of hearing a constant rumbling from your tires as you travel along roads and highways in your SUV? You’re not alone there, as quiet tires are something many drivers ask for on a regular basis. It can often be difficult to separate the quietest tires from your standard tires, which is why it can be helpful to rely on an expert review of various options. That’s where we come in! At Ultimate Rides, we deal with installing new tires on a regular basis, as we’re a custom auto dealer with our own service center and a team of expert technicians. We ship custom vehicles all over the country, with all the upgrade work completed by our team. That means we know quite a lot about finding a quiet set of tires for your SUV. We take into account traction, tread, performance, and more to find tires that offer as little noise as possible. Check out our recommendations below, and feel free to get in touch with our team over the phone to learn more about the quietest tires for SUV drivers.

1. MICHELIN Defender LTX M/S All-Season Tires

Specs: 275/55R20 113T

First up on our list of the quietest tires to install on your SUV comes the Defender LTX from Michelin. As one of the top names in tires for many years, consumers know they can trust Michelin when it comes to durability, performance, tread design, traction, and more. This specific tire also boasts a low level of noise, helping you maintain concentration on the road without a reduction in that all-important performance. Find the right size for your SUV, and go ahead and give these tires a try the next time it’s time to install a new set.

2. Falken WILDPEAK A/T TRAIL All-Terrain Radial Tires

One of our favorite tire brands is Falken, and the WILDPEAK is a great tire for SUV drivers to consider. It reduces noise while still offering excellent performance, with a tread that provides great traction wherever you go. It’s an all-terrain tire, so it won’t be the overall quietest option available to you, but it offers versatility while still eliminating as much noise as possible. These quiet tires are among the best options we have to recommend.

3. MICHELIN Latitude Tour HP All Season Radial Tire

Up next, we have another great tire from Michelin. This time, though, it’s the Latitude Tour HP, an all-season tire with the reliable handling and traction of touring tires. It offers low noise, solid off-road performance in addition to its standard on-road capabilities, and features patented “StabiliGrip” technology from Michelin. On top of that, you’ll find a compound tread that helps you get out of tough situations. These quiet tires are among some of the best you can find today.

4. Cooper Discoverer H/T Plus All-Season

Cooper is another trusted brand when it comes to tires, and the Discoverer H/T Plus is a strong choice for those concerned about noise. It offers great handling in both mud and snow, as well as taking care of you during standard weather conditions. This tire is middle of the pack when it comes to price, but you won’t get this same level of performance out of a cheaper set of tires. The tread is specifically designed to push water out, helping you keep traction on slippery roads due to snow and rain, plus so much more.

5. BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 Radial Tires

Another excellent tire you should consider comes from BFGoodrich. The tire is a little bit more expensive than most, but you’re getting a lot out of it. With high performance sidewall traction bars, a serrated shoulder design that increases traction in snow, and a specially-designed tread pattern, it’s clear that a lot of work has gone into producing these tires. The majority of reviews say that they’re very quiet in addition to all of those performance enhancements.

6. Goodyear Wrangler AT/S Tires

One of the most popular, and surprisingly affordable, tires on the market is the Goodyear Wrangler AT/S. With it, you’ll not only have access to little noise from the road, but you’ll be happy with the kind of performance it has to offer. It’s versatile, as the tire will work for you in just about any terrain you have in mind. It might not be the quietest out of all your options, but it does an excellent job for the price, and we’re confident you’ll have a great time on the road in your SUV with these tires equipped.

7. Cooper Endeavor Plus All-Season

Here we have another tire from Cooper for you to consider. These are quiet tires, plus they feature a treadwear warranty of 65,000 miles, which is quite impressive. There’s even a small indicator tab that helps you keep track of the tread, ensuring you can change the tires out when they become too worn down. This is a newer tire, just having been launched by the company in the last few years. That means it offers some of the latest technology and design elements for you to put to the test.

8. Milestar Patagonia M/T Tires

Lastly, we have a mud terrain tire for you to think about. This type of tire is often louder than its contemporaries, but sometimes one needs a good set of mud tires on their vehicle. If that sounds like you, it makes sense to look for an option that doesn’t create a lot of extra noise. These tires are reliable, affordable, and work great across a variety of circumstances. Check them out and decide if this might be the tire for you and your vehicle.

Finding Quiet Tires For Your SUV

With countless different tire sets available, it can actually be quite difficult to find the right set for your SUV. If you’re looking for the quietest tires, that adds an extra layer of difficulty. While the options on our list, each accompanied by a short review, can be great picks, it’s important to figure out exactly what you need in a set of tires. Finding the right tire size for your vehicle should be one of the first steps. Additionally, you’ll need to think about what kind of situations you’ll be driving in. For example, if you spend most of your time in your SUV on the highway, you’ll likely want to look at a different tire compared to someone who takes their vehicle off-road on a regular basis.

In terms of tire noise, a tire meant for highway and city driving is almost always going to be more quiet compared to all-terrain or mud-terrain tires. However, it is still possible to find mud tires that offer a dense tread with strong performance while still causing little noise on the road. Along those same lines, there are plenty of all-season tires that still create a lot of noise, so it’s important to shop carefully and do your research before you buy. Read each review we’ve shared above to get to know these tires. From there, figure out which option is best for your situation, and then pick up a set of these quiet tires as soon as you’re ready to make a change.

Quietest Tires for SUV
When shopping for tires, it’s important to think about more than just noise. You will also want to ensure they offer the right kind of performance for the situations you’ll most often find yourself driving in. Additionally, it’s important to carefully choose the correct tire size. For instance, those who drive a lifted SUV and often head off-road will need larger tires and a set that is suited for difficult terrain.

What Causes Road Noise?

The level of road noise generated by a vehicle is largely dependent on two factors: the road itself and the tires. Different combinations of the two will result in vastly different noise levels, making it important to choose the right tire set if you want to eliminate as much noise as possible. The quietest tires are going to be those that absorb the most noise from the road. The type of tread and level of traction it provides will play a large role in this, with heavy-duty mud tires often creating more noise compared to a standard all-season tire. That’s why it’s important to balance your priorities, figuring out if low noise levels are worth avoiding an all-terrain style tire. Everyone has different thoughts on that, so it’s truly up to you to decide which combination of road noise elimination and performance is right for your needs. In some cases, you can even find the best of both worlds, with a tire that suits all your needs!

Driving with the Quietest Tires on the Road

Your tire tread is important for a number of reasons, not least of which is the level of noise it creates. By choosing the quietest tires available to you, you’ll be able to stay free of stress and annoying rumbling while driving on the highway, where noise from tires is often the worst. Quiet tires for SUVs are not hard to find, but as we’ve pointed out, it can be difficult to find a set that also meets your other needs. We hope that you’ll find the right tire set on our list, and encourage you to contact us at 815-634-3900 if you have any questions about picking out the right tires, or need help with installation!