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Best Lift Kit for Chevy Colorado...


Best Lift Kit for Chevy Colorado | Top 10 Lift Kits

Whether you’ve just purchased your truck or you have owned it for years and feel like it needs something new, a lift kit is never a bad choice. For those who have had improved lift systems installed before, you might already know what to look for, but every truck is a little bit different, and it can be hard to find the right kit for what you’re looking for. If you’re feeling a little bit overwhelmed with the amount of options at your disposal when it comes to finding the right lift system for Chevrolet Colorado, we are here to help. Always do a little bit of research on your own to make sure that the setup you pick out will fit on your truck!

After our list, stick around and have a look at our buying guide. In it, we’ll offer more advice on shopping for lift kits, installation, and much more. You never know, some of this information could save you from making a major mistake with your vehicle. Browse our list to find the right fit for your vehicle, making sure to pay close attention to compatibility. Once you do, our buying guide will leave you with some useful parting words. Hopefully they’ll help you in your lift kit journey!

1. Rough Country 4″ Lift Kit

Compatibility: 2015-2022

Rough Country is a trusted name when it comes to body and suspension kits, and this front and rear suspension lift system is the real deal. If you want a significant boost in your lift without sacrificing ride quality, this is the way we recommend going. This setup includes lift pucks made from fiberglass reinforced nylon, weather-resistant 0.9 grade body mount bolts, and it comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee. If you need help with the difficult installation process, Ultimate Rides is around to assist you. It is important to keep in mind that this system is only compatible with trucks from 2015 to 2022. While it isn’t exactly on the cheap side, you likely won’t want to go for a low price option unless you are just dipping your toes into the world of Colorado lift kits. With heavy-duty fabricated blocks, lifted knuckles, and N3 shocks, this setup offers everything you need to successfully lift your Chevrolet Colorado.

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2. Supreme Suspensions 1-3″ Front 2″ Rear Body Kit

Compatibility: 2004-2012

If you’ve got a truck that’s between the model years 2004 and 2012, we’ve got another one of the best choices for a Chevy Colorado that you can find online. This will fit on most two-wheel drive models, along with 4×4 pickup trucks under the brand. The parts included here are built strong, with materials like cold-forged carbon steel, so you can bet that these will last you the lifetime of your truck. This setup includes adjustable three-inch front struts and two-inch rear lift shackles, giving you some leeway to perfect your suspension. While many trucks naturally have an uneven look, with a tilt towards the front end, this will allow you to lift the front at a variable height to get things perfectly even. As with any body lift installation, if you know what you’re doing it shouldn’t be too difficult for you, but without the right skills and tools it can be quite an ordeal. If you’re feeling unsure, don’t hesitate to bring the vehicle to professionals for the best results, even if it might increase your price.

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3. Rough Country 6-inch Suspension Kit

Compatibility: 2015-2022

Another kit from one of our favorites, Rough Country, this time we’re recommending a six-inch full suspension lift kit for those who want to add some monster-sized tires to their truck. This kit includes all the pieces you’ll need to get your ride lifted up a full six inches, including fabricated rear lift blocks, U-bolts, lifted N3 struts and more. This is a little bit more of an intensive job, and unless you’re very confident in your skills we recommend having a professional install this kit. It is also important to note that this setup is only compatible with diesel models, and will not work with the ZR2. You’ll also need aftermarket wheels, so this one is for hardcore truck aficionados only! However, if you know you want to increase ground clearance for better off-road performance, this is one really reliable way to do just that. It’s not cheap, but it’s worth the investment for those looking to improve the ride quality on trails and want a new look for their vehicle.

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4. WULF 1-3-inch Front Leveling Kit

Compatibility: 2004-2012

If you have a Z-71 and want to get up to three inches of lift for your front end, this is your most preferred setup for Chevy Colorado trucks. The only limitation here is that it fits torsion bar suspension only and not coil spring suspension. Apart from that caveat, you’ve got everything you need here to get yourself a quality level setup, and according to reviews installation isn’t too difficult. This setup uses adjustable torsion keys and lift shackles along with extended stealth shocks to get you a nice lift for your front end without affecting your factory setup too much. Just make sure that you’re aware this a leveling system rather than something that will lift your entire vehicle! As long as you know that’s what you get, we’re confident you won’t be disappointed with this leveling setup. While there are better options out there, it’s hard to beat this cost level, and the amount of versatility it offers.

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5. Rough Country 922 Leveling Kit 2-inch  Performance Suspension Spacer System

Compatibility: 2015-2022

Do you know for sure that you only need exactly two inches of lift for your front end? If so, this set from Rough Country will serve you well. Their kits are reliable, and something like this won’t negatively affect your ride quality very much, if at all. It will work on all trucks model year 2015 and after, and features easy installation. While we love the Colorado, we hate to see uneven suspension on any truck, and this will fix that. The spacer system includes two upper strut spacers and two pre-load spacers, and installation shouldn’t be an issue for those who know their way around the suspension of a truck. For just about $50, it is one excellent deal, and deserves a spot on this list.

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6. Zone Offroad C9157 Body Kit 

Compatibility: 2015-2016

This lift kit works on all non-diesel 2015 and 2016 models of your preferred truck, including the ZR2. The kit seems to be truly awesome, with some of the only complaints from customers coming towards the vague and hard-to-follow instructions. It will provide you with a 1.5-inch lift and the setup comes with all the parts and hardware you’ll need for installation. These spacers are durable and long-lasting, with a lift system designed to offer simple installation that holds up for years. It’s made with crush-proof body blocks and 10.9 grade body mounting hardware for maximum durability. We’re confident you’ll be happy with this kit.

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7. StreetDirtTrack 2-inch Front Carbon Steel Strut Spacers

Compatibility: 2015-2020

This front lift kit is intended to even out your suspension, and a lifetime warranty with 100% customer satisfaction. These two high-strength carbon steel strut spacers will raise up your front suspension, and should be easy to install with everyday at-home tools. Shipping is fast, the product is reliable, and it should be a relative breeze to install. With pretty competitive pricing, we think this is worthy of being listed among the best options for Chevy Colorado trucks.

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8. Supreme Suspensions 2.5-inch Front Front Carbon Steel Strut Spacers 

Compatibility: 2015-2020

Another kit from Supreme Suspensions, this leveling setup functions much the same as the previous item listed, except a little bit more lift for a little bit more money. With these strut spacers, installation should be quite easy, and you can rely on Supreme Suspensions delivering a quality product when it comes to toughness and durability. The struts are made from carbon steel and specially coated to increase their resistance to elements. Despite being last on our list, we still stand by this as one of the best lift kit for Chevy Colorado you can find.

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9. ReadyLift 69-3535 3.5″ SST Kit

Compatibility: 2015-2022

In our view, this is one of the excellent “middle-ground” kits out there. By that, we mean it’s a good choice if you want to spend a decent amount of money but without diving full steam ahead into lifting your vehicle. It’ll offer a high-quality 3.5-inch lift, which is certainly nothing to scoff at. With that height, you’ll be able to choose a variety of larger tires and wheels for your truck. This kit uses smart suspension technology, ensuring you have an excellent factory-quality ride. Plus, it’ll help give your truck a better stance, making it look even more formidable. There’s no question this is a favorite for this generation of Chevy pickup trucks.

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10. KSP 2.75-inch Front 2-inch Rear Kit

Compatibility: 2015-2021

The final product we want to share with you today is a leveling lift kit from KSP Performance, one of the industry’s leaders. Their parts are made with high-quality steel, and are built to last. They even include a five-year warranty if you do happen to have an issue. This set of spacers and blocks will help you even out your vehicle if the measurements are right for you. On top of that, it’ll also give you a nice boost, providing a new look and feel for your truck. If you want to keep your budget down and don’t mind a modest lift, this is a great kit to choose.

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Lift Kit for Chevy Colorado
The Colorado is not one of the more common trucks we get in, unlike the Silverado as seen above. However, if you need us to track one down for you, we can help.

Lift Kit Buying Guide

How are you feeling now that you’ve had a chance to look over these options? We hope you were able to find a lift kit that matches your needs and the specifications of your truck. However, we realize that there’s a lot of variance out there. It’s very possible that there’s a kind of lift kit you need that wasn’t available on our list. If you need to keep shopping around, we’ve put together this buying guide to offer some helpful advice. Take a look and keep this knowledge with you as you go through the process of buying and installing a lift kit! Let’s start by talking about the most important factors to consider in a lift kit.

Factors of Focus: Choosing the Best Lift Kits

Strength/Durability: Nobody wants to spend a bunch of money on a lift kit only for it to fail on you in a few years. Instead, you want to keep your eye out for a set that’s going to last for a long time to come. Look for high-quality steel and other reliable materials when you’re shopping. If a manufacturer doesn’t list what their product is made out of, that could be a sign to watch out for. Do your research to find the best products available for your truck.

Size: You should carefully consider what size lift kit you’re looking for when you shop. Do you want a flat three-inch lift, or are you in need of a leveling kit? By planning out what you need ahead of time, you can make sure you know exactly what you’re looking for as you shop. If there’s a specific set of tire size you want to go with, find out how much of a lift you need to get there. If you want to avoid mistakenly buying the wrong product, it’s never a bad idea to form a plan of what you’re buying.

Compatibility: Not all lift systems will fit on all Colorado models. Even within model years, there are often some configurations that won’t work with some kits. It always pays off to look closely at what models a given lift kit does or does not fit on. Match that up with your vehicle to make sure you choose a lift kit that you can actually use. You’ll save yourself a lot of time, energy and possibly money by doing this.

Lift Kit for Chevy Colorado Installation Tips

Unless you are an experienced at-home mechanic with your own garage and the right equipment, we don’t necessarily recommend installing a lift kit on your own. Some easier kits, like a few included on this list, may be possible to do without tons of gear. However, if you’re not fully confident in your skills, you’re taking a chance of making a mistake that could cost you later.

If you do decide to attempt installation at home, make sure you do plenty of research. There are guides you can read online, as well as video tutorials that will walk you through the process. If you’re trying to decide if this is a good decision, these can be a helpful tool. Make sure to bring your vehicle in for a steering alignment after you install the lift kit. This is an important safety step that you don’t want to ignore.

Ultimate Rides Installs Accessories and Offers Repairs

If you decide you’d rather have someone else handle the installation process for your lift system, Ultimate Rides is here to offer help. Located in the Chicago area, we’re a custom auto dealer that upgrades our inventory right here in our state of the art service center. In addition to that, we take appointments with the public. We’ll install your upgrades, and can even offer repairs and maintenance for your vehicle. There’s no one who knows their way around a Chevy Colorado lift better than us, so be sure to give us some consideration if you live in our area. We’ll get your ride back to you quick and driving better than ever.

Chevy Lift Kits – Final Thoughts

We hope that this guide winds up being useful for your lift kit shopping. If you decide you want some professional help on installation and you’re located near Chicago, check out Ultimate Rides! We offer hassle-free reliable installation for all custom accessories and much more. Give us a call at 815-634-3900, or stop by our office at 38 W. Division St., Coal City, IL 60416.

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