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Why is my car pulling to...

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Why is my car pulling to one side when I drive?

Reasons why a car will pull to one side

Much like many other automotive issues, having a car pulling to one side can’t be easily diagnosed without some additional details — since there are multiple things that could cause this. Here are a few likely reasons why a car is pulling to one side:


Tires — This is the thing you should always check first if your car is pulling to one side. Not necessarily because it is the most common, but because it can be easy, free, and quick! First you should see if all of your tires have the proper amount of pressure. If not, fill them all up so that they’re even, and then take a test drive to see if you still pull to the side.

If your car does still continue to pull, it is also possible that your tire tread has worn down and is causing this. We recommend getting your tires rotated about every other time you go in for an oil change!

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Vehicle alignment — Vehicle alignment is important, and if your alignment is a little bit off then

it’s likely you’ll see it pulling to one side. Some people think just turning the wheel slightly is a good fix, but if you don’t fix your alignment soon then it can quickly cause issues with several other parts in your car.

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Brakes — there are two different ways your braking system could be causing you some trouble here. First — is the issue happening all the time or just when you’re using the brakes? If it’s all the time then it’s possible a brake is stuck applying pressure to the tire all the time. If it happens just when you brake, then it’s likely that you have a worn out brake pad, or a malfunctioning caliper.

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