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Cheap Jeep Wrangler for Sale

Find a Cheap Jeep Wrangler for Sale at Ultimate Rides Today

At Ultimate Rides, the Jeep Wrangler is our biggest specialty. Though we are experienced in dealing with all kinds of SUVs, trucks and cars, it’s the Wrangler that we really find love. If you’re looking for a cheap Jeep Wrangler for sale that is still in excellent shape, you should come and see our inventory at Ultimate Rides. We buy rust free vehicles from all around the country and bring them back to the Chicago area to sell to you. In fact, even if you live outside our direct area, we have the ability to ship these vehicles to you.

We maintain our varied inventory to make sure our vehicles stay looking and running great, and there is not a better or more reliable place to find a cheap Jeep Wrangler for sale. In order to find vehicles in this good of shape and free of rust, we send buyers out to different parts of the United States to find the best vehicles out there. We know there’s a huge void to be filled of those kinds of vehicles in the Midwest, and we are happy to provide them to our customers.

Cheap Jeep Wrangler for sale
At Ultimate Rides, you can always find a cheap Jeep Wrangler for sale, like this sleek black lifted 2009 model with custom wheels and tires.

Send Your New Jeep to Our Lift Center

If you’re interested in more than a standard Jeep Wrangler, why not look for a custom model or send one you like over to our lift center for some work? For those who are interested in full suspension lift kits, custom grilles and LED headlights, you might have a field day finding out all the ways you can customize your new vehicle. Let us know you’re interested in having your vehicle worked on, whether you’re purchasing one from us or you want us to work on your current Jeep. Our technicians have extensive experience working on these vehicles day in and day out, so they won’t make the costly mistakes that can often crop up during this type of work.

One of the ways we try to encourage our customers to take advantage of our lift center is by offering to include the cost of the service as a part of your vehicle financing deal. For those who are interested, that would mean your monthly payment goes up a small amount and you get to outfit your Jeep as you see fit. That being said, we never try to pressure our customers into having work done when they let us know that they are not interested. We strive to be different than other auto dealers and service centers, and we have been intent on proving that to you for over 10 years.

Find a Cheap Jeep Wrangler for Sale, Without the Hassle

When you buy through Ultimate Rides, we want to make sure you have a positive experience. We’re very aware of the fact that buying a vehicle has gotten a not so great reputation over the years due to many bad industry practices. Our staff will never try to avoid giving you direct answers or try to pull the wool over your eyes. You won’t have to deal with cheap sales tactics or feel frustrated and annoyed with your salesperson. We do everything we can to put forward a relaxed and stress-free environment for both our team and you, our customers. We’ve garnered a quality reputation with our customer base over the years and built a lot of word of mouth because of the way we treat people, with a community mindset.

Ever since the beginning over a decade ago, Ultimate Rides has been a tight family run business, and we do our best to uphold the classic image that comes with that. Despite the fact that we are able to ship our cars pretty much anywhere, we are intent on maintaining a local business mentality, and we consider every customer an important customer. When you walk in our door or call us on the phone, you can rest assured that we won’t treat you like numbers on the bottom line.

Like this 2018 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon but wish it had a full suspension lift kit installed? We can handle that for you!

Take Yourself on a 4×4 Adventure

Over the years, the Jeep Wrangler has earned its reputation for being a vehicle for true adventurers out there. If you need a 4×4 that can take you from place to place while hauling your favorite sports or recreation gear, you already know what to look for. When you shop at Ultimate Rides, you will always be able to find a high quality and cheap Jeep Wrangler for sale. When someone is looking for a rugged vehicle that can take them off the road just as well as it drives on it, you can count on the Jeep Wrangler, and there are few service centers more experienced than us when it comes to working on them.

If you’re already a Jeep Wrangler owner, we encourage you to come talk to us the next time you need or want some work done on your vehicle. We have the parts and the experience, we won’t mess around with you or your vehicle and we offer extremely fair prices for our work. Finding a mechanic you trust can be difficult, but we promise that you’ll have a positive experience when you go through Ultimate Rides. Before you know it, you could be driving off in your custom lifted Jeep Wrangler, already on the way towards your next adventure.

No matter if you’re from the Chicago area or live far away, we can offer you a reason to shop through us. Give us a call at 815-634-3900 today to get in touch with one of our sales or service representatives. You can also come in and speak to us in person by visiting 38 W. Division St. Coal City, IL 60416. We are very excited to get to work with you.