World Class Lifted SUV for Sale, Available At Your Convenience

At Ultimate Rides, we’re well aware of how difficult the process of purchasing a car has become. It’s our goal to make that complicated process as simple as possible for you. We do this in a number of ways, including a quality guarantee, worldwide vehicle shipping, first rate customer service and our own dedicated lift center for you to customize your ride. If you’re looking for a high quality lifted SUV for sale, you’re searching in the right place. We have a wide selection of SUVs for sale, with some already including lifts while others are just waiting for you to pick them out and choose your lift height as well as wheels and tires.

One surprising fact about our business is that despite being located just an hour south of Chicago, most of our business comes from buyers outside of Illinois. Our prices and selection are appealing worldwide, so we make it easy for you to have one of our vehicles shipped to you almost anywhere. All you have to do is get in contact with us and we can work through the details and provide you with information and photos of the vehicle you have your eye on, such as a lifted SUV for sale. In addition, as a part of your financing deal, we can include the cost of transporting your vehicle, meaning you’ll be able to pay for it by adding a few dollars to your monthly payment.

lifted SUV for sale
Come to Ultimate Rides to find a fully decked out lifted SUV for sale, like this 2011 Chevy Tahoe.

We’re Raising the Bar When It Comes to Higher Quality Used Vehicles

Along with our prices, another way we’ve made ourselves appealing to buyers from all over is our dedication to selling high quality used SUVs and trucks. All of our vehicles are free of rust that covers many parts of the under body of vehicles across the Midwest and in many other places around the world. We are able to do this buy sending out buyers to different places around the country to seek out the vehicles that are up to our standards to bring back to us. Each one undergoes a quality inspection to make sure they are up to our standards before being sold to anyone. When you buy from Ultimate Rides, you can trust that your buying a used SUV in solid shape.

Every winter a vehicle spends driving around roads in the Midwest is another year of heavy salt damage to the body and undercarriage of the vehicle. This salt causes rust, that can damage the vehicle and make routine maintenance a nightmare. If you want your used SUV to last as long as possible, buying a model free of rust is one of the best ways to make that happen, along with regular maintenance and care. Finding vehicles in this kind of shape is not easy in our area, so we had to think of another way to bring these vehicles to Chicago. From there, our popularity and the ease of the internet allowed us to expand our business to help customers everywhere find their perfect lifted SUV for sale.

Lifted Hummer H3
A gorgeous red lifted Hummer H3

Discover What Your SUV Could Be Using Our Lift Center

One thing that customers seem to love about shopping for their next SUV at Ultimate Rides is the ability to send the vehicle over to our lift center for some extra features. We can raise or lower your new ride and add custom tires and wheels, all in-house. Our passion for awesome SUVs, trucks and cars was what has helped guide Ultimate Rides from the very beginning. We’ve been family owned and operated since day one, and it’s our passion that drives us to keep getting better.

We are extremely proud of everything we have to offer when it comes to our inventory and our services in our lift center. If you have any questions or interest in getting a lift kit installed or customizing your vehicle, please feel free to contact us. Though many of the vehicles in our inventory already have lifts installed, as it is something we specialize in, not all of them do! If you want your new lifted SUV for sale raised or lowered, all you have to do is ask, and we can even include it within your vehicle financing deal. You’ll be able to pay off the cost of your lift as a part of the cost of your vehicle, or you can simply pay up front and not have to worry about it. We want to accommodate you as best we can, so let us know what we can do to help!

Customer Service for a New Era

It seems plain to us that the old way of doing business for auto dealers is going out the window. The days of old fashioned sales pitches and the classic run-around are over, and we hope to help usher in a new way of buying SUVs. When you visit or call Ultimate Rides, you’ll be able to relax and have a genuine, no-pressure conversation about what you’re looking for in a vehicle. We’ll be able to show you everything we have to offer, and we don’t believe there’s any need to sell you on something you have no interest in.

It’s been our goal for a long time to provide a positive alternative to your standard SUV dealer. With our forward thinking customer service, stunning inventory and exciting prices, we think we could have what you’re looking for in a lifted SUV for sale. You can get in touch with our team via phone by calling 815-634-3900 today, or come on down to see us at 38 W. Division St. Coal City, IL 60416. Let’s see if we can find you your perfect ride.