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NC Squatted Truck Law | Squatted Trucks in North Carolina

Squatted Truck Modification Law in North Carolina

As of late 2021, the state of North Carolina has enacted a ban on squatted trucks. According to lawmakers, the style poses too much of a safety risk to everyone out on the road. North Carolina law now states that the front end of your truck must be within 3 inches of the rear. This theoretically still allows drivers to do a slight squat, but gone are the days of the extreme Carolina Squat. If you’re looking to learn more about this style, you’re in the right place. Ultimate Rides specializes in custom vehicles, including offering a squat stance within your state’s legal limits. Read on to learn what exactly a squat is, the history of the configuration, the safety risks it could pose, and more. If you’re ready to shop for your own custom vehicle, Ultimate Rides offers lifted trucks for sale in North Carolina, so just get in touch with our team!

What is the Carolina Squat?

The Carolina Squat is a vehicle configuration that requires you to lower the rear end of the vehicle while raising the front. The result is a distinct visual style that was catching on with more and more drivers. However, for a variety of reasons, there is a push toward outlawing the style. Any configuration that sees you raise the front while lowering the rear of the vehicle qualifies as a squat, but the Carolina Squat is typically seen as the more extreme version of this. It can cause safety issues for you and other drivers on the road, so it doesn’t come as too much of a surprise to see it outlawed. However, it does still have a place for off-road drivers, as its history originates from off-road Baja racing where jumps were very common. Whether you live in North Carolina, South Carolina, or any other state in the US, it will pay off to know the local law regarding this truck or SUV setup.

NC Squatted Truck Law
The history of the squat reportedly dates back to Baja racing, where it became advantageous to lower the rear end to make jumps easier. It’s not known why it became so popular in the Carolinas, but with recent laws put in place, that won’t be the case anymore.

Customize Your Truck the Right Way

If you decide to customize a pickup truck, whether you’re planning on installing a squat or altering it in a different way, it’s important to go about things the right way. While there are some drivers out there with enough experience to customize their own vehicles, we strongly encourage most drivers to bring their vehicles to the experts. There are tons of auto shops out there that specialize in customizing vehicles, including Ultimate Rides. We’ll make sure that your new ride conforms to local law, while still offering some truly awesome upgrades for you to enjoy. If you attempt to make these adjustments at home, it’s very possible to compromise the vehicle’s safety, putting yourself and all your hard work at risk. Get in touch with us to learn more about customizing your truck, and we’ll be happy to offer up some details.

Safety Information

The primary reason that NC has gotten rid of the Carolina Squat is due to safety on the road. If you’re lowering the rear of the vehicle and raising the front end, the result has the driver facing towards the sky rather than looking directly at the road in front of them. This can make it difficult to see other vehicles and obstacles on the road. Perhaps even worse, it almost always ensures your headlights are pointed directly into the eyes of oncoming drivers or those driving in front of you. For these reasons, more and more states are seeing fit to get rid of the style by writing it into state law. Now, if you’re driving with this setup, you can easily be stopped by local police or highway patrol, so be sure your truck is upgraded to fit within the laws and regulations of your state.

NC Squatted Truck Law
Working on the suspension of a truck can get very complicated very quickly. That’s why it’s important to choose a team of technicians that you can trust to work on your vehicle. At Ultimate Rides, we specialize in altering suspension, and you have our guarantee that we know what we’re doing.

Suspension vs. Body Kits – A Brief Overview

There are two primary styles of kits that drivers can use to raise (or lower) the height of their vehicle. Suspension kits can be costly and are much more difficult to install, but they’ll ensure you have the best ride quality possible. Body kits are more affordable while offering less quality than a full suspension adjustment. Body kits are a good choice for beginners who are just looking to try out a lift setup. They can only increase the height of the truck by a few inches, but it’s a good way to see what the process is like without committing to thousands of dollars in upgrades. On the other hand, if the quality of your drive is important to you, you’re going to have to shell out extra money for the right suspension setup and installation. Contact some suspension professionals for more information on cost, the quality of your ride, and more.

History of Squatting Trucks

As mentioned before, the history of squatted vehicles supposedly originates with Baja racing over in California. Due to the presence of jumps in this style of racing, drivers wanted the rear of their vehicle to hit the ground first, hopefully preventing them from crashing during a race. Once drivers began posting pictures of their trucks, the style spread around, eventually gaining traction throughout the southern United States, especially in the Carolinas. Now, however, the extreme style of the Carolina Squat is no longer allowed in the states that gave it its name. Now, you’ll have to make sure you keep your vehicle within the regulations allowed by your local government.