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Why won’t my car shift out...


Why won’t my car shift out of park?

Having a random issue pop up with your car can be extremely annoying and inconvenient, especially when it also happens to be something that doesn’t let you drive. There are a number of things that can go wrong with a vehicle, but one of the most unfortunate can be when your car won’t shift properly. Stuck asking why won’t my car shift out of park? See some of our ideas on what it might be!

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Is your Car stuck in Park?

If you can’t shift out of park at all, then it’s possible you have a locked shifter. Most cars will have a way to manually override this, so that you can at the very least start your car and take it somewhere to get looked at. First you should pull your emergency or parking brake back. You’ll also have to look for a shifter override slot, which will usually be found under a plastic cap on the shifter console. Take off the cap, and push down the button while also stepping on the brake. Now try moving the shifter into neutral to start the car. You’ll be able to drive, but you should immediately go to a service center as the problem is not fixed.

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Why won’t my car shift from park to drive?

Is the shift lever moving, but your car won’t change gears? There are a few things that this could be. First you should check to make sure that you have an ample amount of transmission fluid. Checking your owner’s manual will let you know where to look, and the fluid will be a red color when you find it. It is also possible that the transmission shift cable is broken, or that the shifter itself has broken.

No matter what the issue ends up being, don’t drive your car if it is dangerous to do so. Have it towed to a service center you trust, and let the experts take a look at it.

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