Buy Guide: Best Jeep Cherokee XJ Led Headlights

Buy Guide: Best Jeep Cherokee XJ Led Headlights

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Are you looking to upgrade your Jeep Cherokee XJ headlights and get max brightness out your night time driving? Then you have come to the right place. LED headlights are all the craze now, especially in the automotive space. Everyone is running LEDs of some sort on their vehicle. Even the manufacturers are running an LED setup straight from the factory. That old Halogen bulb needs to be upgraded to the 21st century, and LED is the way to go. For less than one hundred bucks you can really give your Cherokee XJ a new look with some led headlights. Not only will that Jeep Cherokee look cool, but you will also be getting more light with less power consumption.

We have built a few Cherokee XJ’s in the shop and we love them. Our customers do as well! We put a lift and some newer Rubicon wheels on the ones we did, and led lights were definitely on the list of upgrades. There are a lot of companies out there that make these 5×7 led lights. The list of Cherokee led headlights is something you will find helpful. We found the ones that have a good rating and popular selling history. Also, ones that we have used here at Ultimate Rides as far as Jeep Cherokee headlights. Anyway enough with the reasons why, let’s get into this mini Jeep Cherokee XJ LED headlight guide!

Jeep Cherokee XJ LED headlight overview:

1. Partsam 45w Rectangle 7×6 Led Headlights For Jeep Cherokee XJ 

These Partsam led headlights are a great all-around choice for the Cherokee XJ. With a high beam output of 5600 lumens, these little guys pack a punch. Even the low beam is rated at 2500 lumens. They are rated for waterproof, but if water manages to find its way into these headlights, it has a breather plug to help air them out. All in all these will be an awesome choice to replace for the factory headlight. It looks close to stock with the chrome backplate but gives you that updated look and performance of led headlight. If you decide to upgrade to LED, this is certainly the first choice that we’d recommend.

2Pcs Partsam Led Headlight 5×7 Led Headlights For Jeep CHerokee XJ

2. Bear Claw LED black Headlight Conversions 15 Chip Sealed Beam to H4 Harness For Jeep Cherokee XJ

The Bear Claw is a blackout version of the original chrome led light above. What I like about this blackout version, is they are a better price with a higher output, while still providing bright LED illumination without the annoying color changes that some drivers hate. Coming in at 3200 lumens on high beam, I think they make up for not having the chrome backplate in lumen output. I think these bad boys would look really cool on a blacked out XJ or even a silver one. We built a factory silver XJ with rubicon wheels and this headlight was a choice we almost went with for XJ Cherokee led headlights.

Bear Claw LED Headlight Conversions 15 Chip Sealed Beam For Jeep Cherokee XJ

3. OVOTOR 5×7 inch Square LED Headlamp with Arrow Angel Eyes DRL For Jeep Cherokee led headlights XJ

These Ovotor LED lamps are the most expensive on the list, but it’s for a good reason. They have built-in turn signal which is a very cool added bonus. I also like that these things are a plug and play connector like the rest of the lights we have on the list here, but the turn signal arrow is a really nice touch. They sport the same waterproof design as the rest and a staggering 8250-lumen high beam! If you want a bright LED light, with some cool features, you might want to pony up and get these bad boys. These Jeep Cherokee headlights are very cool, and should be easy to install, whether you’re replacing your factory halogen bulbs or an LED setup. If you have trouble getting these LED bulbs installed, simply check out a video tutorial or contact some professionals for assistance.

OVOTOR 5×7 inch Square LED Headlamp with Arrow Angel Eyes DRL For Jeep Cherokee XJ

4. LX-Light Rectangular LED Headlights for Jeep Cherokee XJ

This pair of LX-Light Jeep Cherokee XJ headlights are one of the more affordable options on the market. Thus, it is hard to resist this particular pair of headlights. They are DOT-approved and pass all safety inspections for LED light bulbs. Meanwhile, the rectangular design does not alter the actual appearance of your Jeep. That way, you can keep the old-school appearance intact!

This particular headlight replacement is super easy to install. You just remove the old headlights first. Do this with a screwdriver and be cautious and slow. You should not rush. Then, put in the new headlights. Plug and play and then you are all set. Get back out on the road in on time. Best of all, the manufacturer offers a one-year warranty! These are another great choice for drivers looking to get into LED for the first time.

(2 Pcs) DOT approved 5″ x 7″ 6x7inch Rectangular LED Headlights for Jeep Wrangler YJ Cherokee XJ Trucks 4X4 Offroad Headlamp Replacement H6054 H5054 H6054LL 69822 6052 6053

5. 110W Osram Chips 5×7 inch LED Headlights (ASIN – B07BWBRDJ5)

This next set of LED headlights for your Cherokee XJ are quite popular with customers online, and that is almost always a sign of a great product. These headlights are not difficult to install on most vehicles, will greatly increase the brightness of your standard factory headlights, and fit on a huge range of vehicles even beyond the Jeep Cherokee XJ. It features both high- and low-beams, and is made with high quality Osram chip LED lights. Manufacturer Afeax even promises to provide customers with a refund if they aren’t satisfied with the product.

Customer reviews for these headlights are overall excellent, with buyers praising their brightness, the ease of installation and how durable they feel. Though these lights are a little more towards the high end of the price range for LED headlights, we certainly think you’ll be able to get your money’s worth out of them. These headlights will make your Jeep Cherokee barely drivable at night to barely being able to tell the difference between night and day driving.

110W Osram Chips 5×7 inch Led Headlights 7×6 Led Sealed Beam Headlamp with High Low Beam H6054 6054 Led Headlight for Jeep Wrangler YJ Cherokee XJ H5054 H6054LL 6052 6053(2Pcs)

6. BICYACO DOT 110W 5×7 Inch LED Headlights (ASIN – B07D29NYF5)

Here we have a set of LED headlights that are similar in reputation and price range to our last product, and this is just as impressive as well. This set features both low-beam and high-beam lights, at 2800 LM and 4200 LM respectively. Their standard position is enough to light the road in front of you without blinding drivers coming the opposite direction, which is always a plus. This set is scratch-resistant, features a cooling and heat dissipation system, and installs easily on a wide range of vehicles including the Jeep Cherokee XJ.

If you’re looking for a quality LED upgrade for your halogen headlights, these are certain to get the job done. Customers are praising this set of lights for their easy installation, excellent light and their aesthetic look. This is one simple and effective way to upgrade your current Jeep Cherokee. With both this and our last included set of lights, you’re getting extremely high quality LED headlights for under $100, which is a great deal of value. We think that if you buy these LED headlights, you’ll be more than happy with your purchase.

BICYACO DOT 110W 5×7 Inch Led Headlights 7×6 Hi/Low Led Sealed Beam Headlamp for Jeep Wrangler YJ Cherokee XJ H4 Plug H6054 Headlights H5054 6054 6052 Toyota Pickup(1 Pair)

7. KASLIGHT H6054 LED Headlights (ASIN – B07B9WJZZ8)

The final item we’ve included on our list is this set of LED headlights from manufacturer KASLIGHT. These lights feature an assortment of LED chips that light up in different configurations depending on whether you need low-beam or high-beam lights. They are easy to install, include a breathing hole that helps avoid moisture inside, and is compatible with tons of different headlight configurations, including your Cherokee XJ.

Despite having generally great customer reviews, the one concern for us and the only reason it is on the back end of our list is because if you run into problems, you may need additional equipment to get it to work with your vehicle. As stated on the product page, certain models may require a relay harness because of the double grounding used on some older vehicles. However, we do not believe this will affect Cherokee XJ drivers. Apart from that small factor, we think these headlights are excellent candidates to replace your current OEM set.

KASLIGHT H6054 Led Headlights, Pair 7×6 Led Headlights 5×7 Led Headlight 6054 Led Headlight 7×6 Headlights H6054 Led Headlight Hi/Low Sealed Beam 7×6 Headlight Lamp for Jeep Xj Yj Cherokee E250

LED Headlight Upgrade Buying Guide

The key to finding the right LED light bulbs for your vehicle is to compare your options and seek out the bulbs that are long-lasting and bright enough for your everyday needs. With so many products out there to buy, this isn’t always easy. We’re hopeful that our list provided you with some reliable choices. We’ve used countless LED light bulbs in our time upgrading vehicles, so we know exactly what to look for.

The brightness of these items is measured in lumens. The best LED light bulbs will offer higher lumen counts, but can also start to get up there in price. Think about where you’ll be doing most of your nighttime driving. If you live in or near the city, with plenty of illumination on the roads, you likely won’t need an exceedingly bright set of LED bulbs. Something around 10,000 lumens will likely be plenty for you. However, those who spend a lot of their time in more rural areas could use that extra lighting. Take a look at some videos online to get a better sense of how bright a set of LED light bulbs will be based on their lumen count. Then find a set that matches your needs.

In addition to brightness, you’ll want to know that your new LED headlight upgrade will last longer than standard halogen headlight bulbs. Along with our professional reviews, customer reviews can be helpful to provide this information. The LED bulbs on our list should all be long-lasting, there to guide you through the night for years to come. Just don’t be afraid to shop around for awhile until you find the set that feels like the right combination of durability and brightness. The extra time spent looking will pay off in the long run.

To Sum up the Jeep Cherokee XJ LED Headlight Bulbs

There are literally hundreds of Cherokee XJ led headlight options out there. I didn’t want to bore you with a mile long list of a whole bunch of headlights of the LED style that look and function exactly the same. What I have here on this list are the top sellers that show a good track record and companies that stand behind their headlight bulbs. As far as the LED headlight install, these guys all are a plug and play. They also install just like your factory OEM halogen light. At the end of the day you can’t go wrong with any of these xj Cherokee led headlights lights. They are all LED, brighter than stock, and update the front end of the inline six bulletproof beast of a Cherokee with led headlights!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Do I Replace My Old Jeep Cherokee XJ Headlights?

A: This is rather easy, especially with one of the LED plug and play options. First, remove the headlights with a screwdriver. You need to be careful and cannot rush through this process. Afterward, clean up the spot. Make sure the wires are pristine along with the surrounding surface. Then, put in the new headlight! Plug it into the wires and then you are all set. If you truly need professional help, do not be afraid to ask!

Q: What Does OEM Stand For?

A: Original equipment manufacturer. Basically, this means that the product is made from equipment that is bought from the original manufacturer, whether they are LED or halogen bulbs. Therefore, it delivers authentic performance and appearance. Both are equally important when it comes to enjoying a great overall pair of headlights. Look for this particular phrase if you want to maintain that vintage, Jeep Cherokee XJ appearance for your high and low beam headlights.

Q: Why Are LED Lights The Better Option?

A: LED lights last longer and provide better visibility at night. Unlike previous light fixtures, the LED design focuses light in one particular direction. This delivers more light than ever before and utilizes modern technology to reduce heat and improve efficiency. Meanwhile, it also creates an exceedingly bright light source. Additionally, the bulbs do not burn out in a few months, so you’ll have plenty of time before you feel the need to upgrade to new LED bulbs once again.

Q: When Will I Know If I Need New Headlights?

A: You will certainly see it. Are you having a harder time seeing the road ahead at night? If there is less visibility, then you need new lights. Do not waste time. Do not play around. Lights are incredibly important, and your safety could be at risk. You may even be risking the safety of other people out driving. It sounds silly at first, but customers often overlook the value and importance of high-quality headlights. LED options can help with this, as they last longer than other varieties of bulbs. They protect you at night on the open road. Meanwhile, it signifies your presence to other drivers!