Jeep ZJ Headlight: Buyers Guide

Jeep ZJ Headlight: Buyers Guide

The popular Jeep ZJ vehicle can be upgraded in multiple ways.

Where To Start With Your Jeep ZJ Headlight Purchase

Are you looking for a Jeep ZJ headlight upgrade? If so, you are in luck because we have a great buyers guide on how to find the best Jeep ZJ Headlight options on the market. It is very difficult to understand all of the intricate details that make up a great pair of headlights. It is easy to spend hours upon hours searching through various Jeep ZJ aftermarket headlights. Avoid wasting your time and read our guide to get a great product.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ is the very first generation of the Jeep Grand Cherokee sport utility vehicle. The Jeep Grand Cherokee is one of the most popular sport utility vehicles in the United States. Drivers looking for a vintage vehicle surely want to get their hands on this original Jeep Grand Cherokee. If you have yourself this vehicle and want great headlights, then this article is for you. Check out our buyers guide to great Jeep ZJ Headlight options.

1. Spec-D Tuning 2LHP-GKEE93G-TM LED Projector Headlights (ASIN – B016RX9SCE)

The Spec-D Tuning 2LHP-GKEE93G-TM LED Projector Headlights are first on our list of Jeep ZJ Headlight options. These are the priciest pair of headlights on our list but provide a tremendous amount of value to customers. You get one pair of glossy black housing and smoked lens projector headlights. These lights provide enhanced visibility late at night when you hit the open road. Plus, H1/H3 light bulbs offer the ability to switch between high and low beam functionality.

These headlights meet all of the important industry standards and then they go above and beyond. These industry standards are strict to guarantee that you get a great product for your Jeep ZJ. Thus, you get great headlights that look good and also enhance your driving experience. Anyone that is not afraid to spend some good money on new headlgihts will love this choice. However, if you want a cheaper product then you may want to look elsewhere! Take time to check out this Jeep ZJ Headlight to see if it fits your requirements.

Spec-D Tuning 2LHP-GKEE93G-TM Jeep Grand Cherokee 4Dr Dual Halo Led Projector Headlights Smoked

2. Spec-D Tuning 2LHP-GKEE93JM-TM Black Projector Headlight (ASIN – B005V9OTZ2)

The Spec-D Tuning 2LHP-GKEE93JM-TM Black Projector Headlight ranks second on our list of Jeep ZJ Headlight options. These headlights are a little under $200 for anyone in that price range. Drivers can get these headlights installed by experts or can install them on their own. It all depends on your level of automotive expertise. If this is your first rodeo then you may be best off getting the expert installation with your headlights. That way, you can avoid any potential mistakes and enjoy your headlights to the fullest.

These projector headlights provide drivers with a tremendous amount of light power. The lights are much stronger thanks to the projector technology included in these headlights. Thus, these headlights are built to intensify and concentrate the light beam pattern. As a result, these headlights are able to provide increase nighttime visibility. So if you ever crave a late night drive then these headlights will be quite helpful. Check out these Jeep ZJ Headlight options for more.

Spec-D Tuning 2LHP-GKEE93JM-TM Black Projector Headlight (Halo Led)

3. AKKON Black 1 Piece DRL LED Headlights (ASIN – B01MQF7C74)

The AKKON Black 1 Piece DRL LED Headlights get our third spot on our list of Jeep ZJ Headlight options. This Jeep ZJ headlight upgrade provides you with an easy installation process. A direct bolt on replacement process helps you get these lights set up with no wiring. No other modification is required either so you can spend more time out on the open road. If you choose this option then you are recommended to include expert installation with your purchase!

The ability to integrate Jeep ZJ aftermarket headlights into your Jeep ZJ Grand Cherokee is amazing. A great set of headlights can help enhance your driving experience on a day-to-day basis. Late night drives become more fun and much safer when you add a Jeep ZJ headlight upgrade. Make sure you look at all of these Jeep ZJ Headlight options to find the right fit for your Jeep ZJ Grand Cherokee. That way, you can enjoy late night driving behind the wheel of your Jeep ZJ Grand Cherokee.

93-98 Jeep Grand Cherokee Black 1 Piece DRL LED Headlights w/Corner Signal & Bumper Lamps Pair

4. QP A0717-X Jeep Grand Cherokee Lights 6-Piece Set (ASIN – B003U51WTK)

The QP A0717-X Jeep Grand Cherokee Lights 6-Piece Set lands last on our list of Jeep ZJ Headlight options. As the title suggests these headlights offer 6 pieces to complete a full headlight set. So if you buy this option then you are getting the headlights, turn signals, and the bright lights as well. These are Jeep ZJ aftermarket headlights that come straight from the direct factor. Thus, there are no modifications or alterations on these headlights.

Original equipment manufacturer specifications and needs are used to ensure good products when it comes to aftermarket headlights. These headlights meet all of the OEM specifications. Plus, these headlights are produced by leading aftermarket manufacturers. So if you are looking for great Jeep ZJ aftermarket headlights, then you will love this Jeep ZJ Headlight.

QP A0717-x Jeep Grand Cherokee Passenger/Driver Front Lights 6-pc Set

Why You Should Upgrade Your Jeep ZJ Headlight Set

As previously mentioned, the Jeep ZJ is the very first incarnation of the incredibly popular Jeep Grand Cherokee model. This means that anyone driving a Jeep ZJ is driving a vehicle produced from 1992 to 1998. These vehicles will not have new headlights in them, like LED headlights. Due to a number of reasons, it is wise to invest some money in a new set of Jeep ZJ Headlights. If you are looking to jeep zj headlight upgrade than this guide will be the one to help you!

According to energstar.gov, LED headlights are not only more efficient than regular light bulbs but they are also more reliable. Due to an intelligent design, these LED bulbs are able to avoid burning out and overheating like the stock light bulbs that come with a vehicle. As a result, customers can buy a nice Jeep ZJ Headlight set with LED light bulbs and will not have to worry about them burning out so soon. Instead, drivers can focus on other areas of their vehicle while enjoying some of the best bulbs money can buy.

Another great reason to upgrade your Jeep ZJ Headlight set involves efficiency and performance. The standard stock light bulbs in the original Jeep Grand Cherokee are going to be old-fashioned. Due to this, these light bulbs are going to spread heat and light all around in numerous ways. However, an LED light bulb can provide a much more efficient form of focused light. As a result, LED headlights can help illuminate the road much better without working as hard. This type of efficiency will help provide drivers with plenty of longevity when they upgrade their Jeep ZJ headlights.

The classic Jeep ZJ Grand Cherokee model with a new Jeep ZJ Headlight set.

Jeep ZJ Headlight Sets & More

Jeep vehicles are incredibly popular across the United States. This has been true for quite some time since they were first introduced to America. Now, many people believe that they are not just incredibly reliable but also a lot of fun to drive. Jeep SUV’s, including the original Jeep ZJ, are all designed to drive off-road at any given moment. Drivers can customize their Jeep vehicle to lift it up for some better dirt road driving and more. As a result, this has lead to further customizations for Jeep vehicles!

Upgrading the Jeep ZJ Headlight set on your vehicle is smart if you enjoy late night driving. Some people like to have fun while driving their car and there is nothing wrong with that. However, drivers that crave off-road night time driving should make sure their Jeep is prepared for these activities. This includes upgrading the suspension and the Jeep ZJ Headlight set as well. The best headlights are going to help drivers see everything late at night. That way, you can spend more time having fun and less time worrying about stock headlights.

Last Words On Buying A Jeep ZJ Headlight Set

Drivers looking for a great Jeep ZJ Headlight set will find that there are not as many options for this specific vehicle as others. The Jeep ZJ Grand Cherokee is the original Grand Cherokee model. Thus, the Jeep ZJ Grand Cherokee had a limited run. However, this is what makes people love this specific Jeep model. There are not many versions of the Jeep ZJ Grand Cherokee out there. Thus, the market for Jeep ZJ Headlight options is not as robust as the market for a new Jeep Wrangler.

Drivers that buy any of these Jeep ZJ Headlight options should include expert installation with their product. Now, if you are an auto expert or someone that spends a lot of time working on cars you may be all set. Anyone that has replaced headlights before will have very little problem with any of these headlights. However, if this is your first time trying to do something like this then you should get help. That way, your headlights are properly in place in the Jeep ZJ Grand Cherokee. Then, you can spend as much time as you want late night driving on the open road.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Can I Replace My Jeep ZJ Headlights?

A: Do not stress. This process is relatively easy. Especially with one of the better options available. Get a screwdriver and park your Jeep ZJ in your garage. You do not want some random rain to stand in the way of your replacement process. Unscrew and remove the old headlights. Throw them away if you do not plan on using them. Then, clean up the headlight space. After, insert the new headlights and screw them into place. Make sure they are firmly in the right spot.

Q: Can I Add Flood Lights To My Jeep ZJ If I Buy New Headlights?

A: Of course. As a matter of fact, we recommend this as the perfect one-two punch for all off-road driving situations. The combination of high-quality LED lights along with new floodlights deliver all necessary lighting and so much more. Look no further if you want the best possible combination for off-road driving late at night. Best of all, the lights are not at all in the way of one another. Instead, flood lights are usually put right on the grill or above the Jeep Cherokee on roll bars.

Q: Are LED Lights Really The Best Option Available?

A: 100% yes. LED lights are much more durable and deliver a better source of lighting. Older lights spread their lights all over, in every single direction. As a result, the lighting source is not efficient and wastes light. Instead, LED lights focus the lighting source in just one direction. This concentration obviously creates better light for drivers. Meanwhile, it avoids wasting any light in the process.

Q: Can I Possibly Upgrade My Taillights?

A: Of course. There are all types of modifications available for older Jeep vehicles. Especially older Wrangler and Cherokee models. These are some of the more customizable vehicles bought by off-road drivers. Add new taillights, new headlights, and more!